A little bit about Myself

UX Designer - Textile Designer - Functional Analyst

Hello! I am Raquel, multidisciplinary creative, who started 15 years ago in the digital world, where I could grow up professionally, starting as a programmer, and ending as a Business Analyst.

After 8 years, I left the digital world for textile design, where I have been working during the last 6 years.
Working as creative has taught me many things, but I felt that I had to take another way, and I have returned to the digital world specializing in ┬źInteraction Design and User Experience┬╗.

I’m discovering a world that fascinates me, and that combines very well my professional experience, and my personality, since  I like to empathize with the people I care about, and make life for them a little bit happier.

I’m learning many methodologies and processes to get a good digital product design, but my starting point, and the most important thing,  is to understand who our customer is, and their needs. I cannot understand the design out of User Centered Design.

Out of work, I love traveling with my family, embroidering a lot (another of my great passions) and despite I am a novice, playing  the ukulele makes me happy.